A Graduate Program Like No Other

January 24, 2021

Over the last two years, three of our CADDS Group team members in the Engineering department have undertaken our CADDS Graduate Program.

This program has been designed to provide the necessary support and exposure required to implement and expand on tertiary learning, by applying it in the workplace. Graduates are encouraged to experiment and undertake a wide range of both project and general work experience throughout the course.

This enables them to develop the necessary skills required to progress their careers in a positive and productive way.
This program was revised prior to the commencement of our three latest graduates and the latest format has been received very well by both trainees and management.

The original development of this program was initiated due to our Group recognising a lack of thoroughly trained and equipped resources entering the industry. We saw an opportunity to develop our skills set and create a positive working culture at the same time.

Continuing this program is of great value to our entire CADDS community, as we strive to foster stronger knowledge and ability through our Group. Supporting junior team members in excelling in their careers provides a strong and productive succession through our workforce over the coming years.

When speaking with James Overstone, Engineering and Design Manager at CADDS Group, about the value of the program, he explained that “the program encourages teams to support their trainees in a way that will be mutually beneficial in the long run”.

As to how graduates came to be selected, he said that instincts as a Manager came into play in choosing the right people for the Group. As the first round of graduates under the newly refined program, James had very high expectations of what could be achieved; “selecting graduates is a difficult process. With minimal to no industry experience, we must rely on the individual’s presence and attitude at the time of interviewing. As our first recruits to complete the program, I can proudly say we selected well and have been happy with the effort and diligence displayed over the course of the program. They have done well to exceed expectations”.

After experiencing a wide range of projects and exposure to many avenues of design, it is safe to say our latest graduates had an extraordinary amount of learning come their way over the last two years. All have contributed to some of the biggest projects CADDS has undertaken during this period and all have worked at the forefront of the capability of current software and industry standards.

We are very proud to announce Scott Pei as our 2020 Electrical Engineering Graduate, and Talei Miller and Kimberly Sardenia as our 2020 Design Draftsperson Graduates. Congratulations Kimberly, Talei and Scott.

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