CADDS Group since 1993

Since 1993 we have had a commitment to excellence through integrated solutions and an experienced approach. At CADDS Group, we believe in the power of quality and are dedicated to finding the best solution to meet our client’s needs and the project at hand.

By seamlessly integrating complementary design consultancy services in the form of engineering and design, building design, surveying and scanning, sustainability, product design, and fabrication, our Group is able to support the unique requirements of a project’s full lifecycle.

As a proudly West Australian business, engrained with family roots and a dedication to providing the best solutions, CADDS Group has grown to offer the full project lifecycle service offering across the design space. We have the unique ability to design and develop innovative solutions to meet the highest levels of industry standards.

CADDS Group is curious and looks to find solutions to problems small and large for the benefit of our clients and team. Results-driven and delivery oriented, logical, and pragmatic, our Group has a talent for addressing issues ranging from everyday encounters to large-scale visions. Since our inception in 1993, our Group has grown to deliver the service needs of our clients. Rather than relying on third parties, we decided to expand and support the industry movements under one roof. Our roof.

Developing integrated solutions that go further. 

We understand the importance of safety and prioritise this through every aspect of our product and service offering.

We put our people and clients, at the centre of everything we do. We are loyal, deliver on promises, and prioritise efficient service delivery. We have localised knowledge and an authentic approach.

We demonstrate our smarts through our understanding of the market, the way we service our clients, technical expertise, and efficient ways of operating.

We have a fusion of skills and thinking that create better solutions. We operate as a unified Group, with the belief in the value of each individual’s point of difference.

We operate as a team, working together, and connected by the same goals. We are a strategic partner to our clients, with high service delivery standards.

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