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By combining the expertise of multiple service areas, we are able to provide a streamlined and effective approach to managing project scopes. Our team can deliver simultaneous solutions across an array of service areas, creating a simpler process for our clients.

Our distinct approach in integrating a suite of service divisions to create a supportive lifecycle solution is what differentiates CADDS Consulting.

With highly skilled team members, innovative mindsets, and a holistic service offering, we work to deliver greater benefit for our clients.

Combined effective expertise


Combining the ability of complementary offerings has enabled CADDS Consulting to provide an integrated approach to the residential space. Modelled around an adaptive approach we can help a client bring their design projects to delivery. From concept through to completion you can rely on the support of leading land surveyors, architects and building designers, engineers, and sustainability consultants.

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When you engage a group like CADDS Consulting, you open the door to an array of professionals across multiple areas who come together to seamlessly deliver on your design project. By sharing data and resources, our results are streamlined and consistent. You can remove the concerns of multiple consultants and operations needing to be managed and combined. Our offering is holistic, and all in-house.

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Product design 

Our team of dedicated product engineers and product designers can support your ‘blue-sky thinking’ from start to finish. Whether you are looking at developing an entirely new product to take to market or reinvigorating an existing solution, we can help you. From creation and visuals to prototyping and production, right through to post-product support and documentation, our specialist team has the right tools and experience to get you on your way.

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Public projects

Our experience across local and state government projects has allowed our Group to understand the risks and stakeholder requirements to deliver exceptional solutions. Our comprehensive service model allows us to be able to view a project through many different disciplines and streamline processes by connecting subject matter experts. Our connected internal processes have captured our collective experience and ensure uniform deliverables from one project element to another, and from project to project. We create a holistic solution with little to no reliance on third parties, where you can trust in our ability.

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From small scale jobs to large and intricate projects, a client can rely on our ability to not only manage a whole process but resource a project through our connected and diversified team. With expanding experience and a dedicated understanding of quality requirements and safety regulations, along with a demonstrated understanding of the statutory approvals process, we can support each industrial client through a concept-to-completion design project.

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