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Our interwoven teams create the perfect environment to support any project through its entire lifecycle. The combination of engineers, designers and draftspeople, surveyors, architects and building designers, sustainability consultants, product designers, and fabricators has created a thorough network of services and solutions all under one roof.

Purposely combining multiple disciplines and sharing in common data and insights allows for our team to achieve end results not possible elsewhere. This shared Group knowledge allows for streamlined management of projects, keeping turnarounds efficient and economical.

Combining multiple disciplines

Fixed plant 

With decades of experience in the brownfields maintenance landscape and tens of thousands of projects completed, we have culminated the perfect set of skills to deliver superior results. Focusing on delivery under strict and comprehensive legislative regulations, standards, and best practices, CADDS Mining has the familiarity and expertise to support the unique needs of fixed plant. From operational maintenance, to document control, our comprehensive process and wealth of past projects make us uniquely prepared to support our clients and deliver long term value.

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Mobile plant 

On site, mobile plant exists in its own unique environment, requiring specific support and solutions to ensure longevity, safe operations, and maintenance. With our extensive understanding and interaction with mobile plant on mine sites, our interwoven teams are primed to create efficient and effective solutions. Ranging from engineering to building design, document and quality control to traffic and safety management. We develop bespoke products for specific models of mobile plant used throughout the industry.

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Non-process infrastructure 

Non-process infrastructure plays a huge role in supporting operations on mine and port sites, and in accommodation villages. The effective and economical design, refurbishments, activations, and upgrades of these buildings and assets requires a specific combination of experience and understanding. With significant experience in landmark projects across various new and refurbished mine sites, we are perfectly positioned to help your project come to life.

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CADDS Mining can provide systematic and supportive services around the ongoing maintenance and processing of utilities on site, and in towns. With access to surveyors, engineers, designers, and draftspeople, we will see your project through from start to finish. Supporting the intricate nature and needs of infrastructure, utilities, and associated services vital to a mine site’s operations.

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Survey & scanning 

Gain the invaluable ability and insight of a dedicated survey team, backed by the technical excellence of Licensed Surveyors. Capture and process all the data available on site through our advanced scanning abilities and have brownfield specific solutions designed around your distinct needs delivered with superior accuracy. Our survey team is completely equipped to provide tailored and personal support services on site, ensure consistency and quality through a project for design and construction.

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Visual asset management 

With ever-expanding assets and information on site and an equal amount of data to be captured and referenced, we have developed a significant visual asset management offering for our mining clients. Optimise operations, safety, and ability through a connected digital solution. Our dedicated team connects a range of specialists to provide a modern solution for everyday challenges.

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Site visitation support 

We have a range of disciplines and subject matter experts at your fingertips through our dedicated site visitation team. Connecting site to service. Based in the field with our clients, our site support team members have the technical understanding coupled with superior service abilities to get the job done for you. Focusing on supporting dedicated regions set up across the entire Pilbara region, our team is ready to help your projects come to life.

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Fabrication for site operations must follow strict guidelines, ensuring the safety of operations, and those around them. Our fabrication team has gained decades of experience in servicing the brownfields environment. With an extensive understanding of requirements and directly connected to our own internal engineering and surveying teams, we streamline your requirements for superior fabrication solutions.

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