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At CADDS, we have built our ability from future-thinking, dedicated subject matter experts. Our teams are like-minded, passionate people, striving for excellence.

We focus on delivering practical solutions while striving for greater innovation. CADDS Group strives to push boundaries and find the best way to solve a challenge.

Our team members are supported by expert leaders and have the ability to learn and grow in a company that is constantly evolving.

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Our Careers

A career with CADDS

With great team member retention and a focus on an individual’s goals and ambitions, CADDS have built a culture of innovation and growth. Our Group works on diverse and exciting projects that allow our team members to explore our industry and solutions. We tailor our roles to get the most from our team members and to ensure they get the most from CADDS Group. Our roles are created with purpose and longevity in mind.

At CADDS we believe in flexibility, so our team members are able to work across flexible working hour arrangements, including remote operations, and working-from-home availability.

We focus on developing our talent, ensuring that our team members stay active and inspired. Our Group encourages team member empowerment through Personal Professional Development programs on an annual basis.

Our Group doesn’t shy away from work, and with such a diverse group of disciplines under one roof, we are always watching new and exciting projects come through our doors. We also work extensively in the space of design improvements and innovations, finding new ways to overcome existing challenges.

We like to live and breathe our business, and our business is quite often on site. We encourage team members to visit sits to get a genuine appreciation of the end result of the projects we work on.

With a wide range of projects constantly coming through to our team members, there is often ongoing opportunities to secure overtime hours.

Our Group has established offices both locally in Perth and also in Karratha. We have seen many opportunities arise for team members to be seconded to satellite offices for short and long-term periods.

Our Management Team are all long-standing team members who have worked across the production and service side of CADDS Group previously. They have a keen understanding for the work their teams do, and the processes behind the business. Thanks to this, and their continued leadership development, our Management Team have always been approachable and friendly to discuss any work-related topics with.

At CADDS, we truly believe in fostering a strong and supportive culture. Our social team works hard to plan and host many events through the year, from Corporate Rumbles to Family Bowling Days, and many Webber BBQs, office lunches and events. There are always opportunities to jump in on a CADDS Social Event and be part of our team community.

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