Energy on the Path to Growth

January 20, 2021

2021 has proven to be full of opportunities already. In our Energy and Sustainability division we have seen two team members take on new senior roles.

Lauren Batson has transitioned into the Residential Lead role, and Nishantha Manjula into the Commercial Lead role. When speaking with Evan Logan, Energy Department Manager, he explained the growth for the roles came from the division wanting to take pro-active steps to prepare for 2021. “The Sustainability team is looking to position ourselves for further growth in 2021 and the re-structure of the team allows individuals to champion the sectors of growth. As well as being able to acknowledge the growth of both Lauren and Nishantha”.

The deliberate diversification of the roles will aid in the team’s plans to increase diversity and support across projects. With Lauren and Nishantha transitioning roles, they will take on additional responsibilities by managing and growing their own team and projects. The team is excited to see the development of both the Residential and Commercial spaces. This will allow Evan to focus on growing the division holistically and dedicate more time to the Energy and Sustainability’s future direction.

Evan went on to say that “Through the distraction of what was COVID, the Sustainability team continued to grow, which is a credit to each individual. In particular these two individuals both had a want to do more and determination to assist with achieving division goals”.

We got to sit down with Lauren and Nishantha to ask what these changes mean to them.

What will your new role entail?

Lauren: I will be managing the residential division within our team. SO, focussing more on building up client relationships and working on a vast range of projects from small class 1 home alterations, all the way through to large multi-residential apartment buildings. These have more complex constructions and requirements for energy compliance.
Nishantha: My new role will involve working together and leading a team of ESD consultants. I will be taking on additional duties of assigning projects to team members, review of jobs, making sure timely delivery of jobs to clients and constant communication with clients and my team.

What are you most excited for in the role?

Lauren: I am excited to work with my team to streamline the current processes we have in place and delegate a lot of work that will ultimately assist in growing the division. Mostly, I am excited for the new challenges the role will bring!
Nishantha: I am excited about the expansion of department and the opportunity for future diversification. Working with a team of consultants will assist me in getting more work done and thus reduce pressure for timely deliveries. I am also looking forward to being able to share knowledge and experiences with my team members to help me to develop professionally.

What do you hope to achieve through the role?

Lauren: I hope to achieve a strong platform for my team to use as a foundation to grow their knowledge within the residential division and push for new challenging projects. We currently have a lot of projects in the works with amazing and intricate designs, so it is going to be a fun year with some new energy compliance requirements coming in.
Nishantha: The first thing for me is to make sure that the department can meet the KPI targets, and once we are confident, we can look at diversifying our work. I would like to take us into energy efficiency of existing buildings by putting more time and effort in to develop that area. I also want to assist my team with jobs and helping them to develop professionally.

Congratulations Lauren and Nishantha! We can’t wait to see the opportunity you will both bring.

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