Jason Creer – 10 Years at CADDS Group

April 29, 2021

Reaching a ten-year milestone in any business is an incredible achievement, but for CADDS it is extra special. We have such an appreciation for the longevity of our team members, and how we watch them transition and grow through the business.  

Our people are very much our greatest asset, and this is no different for Jason Creer, one of our Senior Designers in the Engineering and Drafting team. Working with 3D scan files, existing drawings, site measurements and concept sketches, Jason creates a large variety of 3D models and designs. These are then used to create detailed design drawings. With work varying between mechanical and structural projects, with some civil, concrete, piping and others thrown in the mix, there is always something interesting happening. Now as one of the team’s Senior Designers, Jason also spends time training and assisting colleagues with queries on Microstation software.  


As he approached his ten-year work anniversary with the Group, we sat down with Jason to ask a few questions about working at CADDS. 


How did you start at CADDS? 

Before CADDS I was working at the now-closed Rio Tinto Drawing Office in Dampier, doing drafting work directly for Rio. In 2010, CADDS undertook a 12-month underground services project for the entire Dampier area. I then became seconded to the CADDS team for the year to work on this project with Brendan Jarvis, and we made a pretty great team! 

Soon after the project was done and the Rio Drawing Office was due to close, CADDS offered me a spot in their brand-new Karratha office. I have been with the Group since.  


What made you join the business? 

When the Rio Drawing Office closed, I felt like I was proficient in two areas, The Rio systems & standards, and modelling & drafting. CADDS was the best place for me to be able to utilize both of those skill sets.  

I had also worked alongside a lot of the CADDS team in Dampier, and those who flew up for site visits, so I knew exactly who I would be working with. CADDS seemed to be a great place for me to work. 


What has been your favourite part of the business? 

It is hard to pick, but I would say my department – the drafting and engineering part of the business! Our team is where the Group originated from, and we get to experience a lot of incredible projects.  


What have been the best changes you have seen through your time in the business?  

Utilizing surveying technology to get 3D point cloud scans for our jobs was certainly innovative in 3D modelling, and an absolute game-changer. Another amazing change was getting our own fabrication workshop to keep control of the design and construction process of some of our jobs.  


What do you most look forward to about working at CADDS? 

Honestly, the people and the work. We have such a great group of people working at CADDS, and they make coming in each day an enjoyable experience. Also, the projects we are given are always so varied, interesting, and challenging. Dealing with multiple different projects that change every couple of weeks keeps things interesting and fresh.  



We are excited to see what fresh work comes out of the team next! Congratulations on ten years Jason.

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