Our leadership supports our future

We are one team, with multiple roles positioned to achieve more for our clients and strengthen our own operations.

At our core CADDS Group is dedicated to collaboration. Working cohesively, bringing multiple products and services together for the benefit of our clients. We are holistic, fluid, and connected.

We exist to provide smart and valuable solutions that improve the operational ability of our clients. By bringing our expertise to the table, working together, and pursuing excellence.

Our Team

Leadership team

Alan Moody


Alan founded CADDS Group in 1993 with extensive experience in architectural and engineering drafting and design. Alan's vision is to provide a versatile "concept to completion" solution-based business appropriate for a range of industries. Drawing on his broad experience as a major consultant to many large mining companies, Alan successfully executed his vision to create a multi-disciplinary ‘one stop shop’ design service, building a highly skilled team utilising advanced software, hardware and equipment. His innovative approach and dynamic business model ensure the group remains highly relevant and provides stability, consistency and optimal efficiencies for clients.

Darren Clark

Managing Director

Darren joined CADDS Group back in 1996 when it was just himself and Alan Moody, working hands-on and autonomously in a design site support capacity. As the Group's Managing Director, Darren focuses on the continual growth and strategic expansion of the Group, resulting from adapting and diversifying to always meet our clients’ needs. Being part of the sustainable growth of a local West Australian company from the beginning, over a 25-year history is something Darren is incredibly proud to be a part of. When he is not watching and cheering on Freo games, Darren's focus remains on his two boys and their time as a family.

James Moody

Business Operations Manager

As the Group's Business Operations Manager, James focuses on development and growth opportunities, as well as the management of individual projects. With several years of experience living and working in the Pilbara, delivering for major clients, James was able to gain the experience and support knowledge to transition into a Business Operations focused role. When he is not behind a camera lens, you can find James with his family and a BBQ.

Pip Smith

Business Development Manager

As the Bid Manager, Pip looking after large-scale proposals and tender submissions across the company. This also crosses over into supporting front-end business development. As part of the Business Operations Team, Pip also provides contract management services for some of the Group’s larger contracts. For Pip, the wide range of work the Group is involved with means that no two projects, two clients, or two days are the same. When she's not forging new relationships or supporting our Group, Pip can be found travelling and not too far from a good bottle of red.

Luke Scanlan

Operations Manager

Luke joined the CADDS team back in 2012 and has since worked across our many different divisions, focused on supporting and aligning processes, people, production and strategy. As the Operations Manager, he partners with our internal teams to deliver on their needs and opportunities to meet Group goals. He works holistically, adaptively, and innovatively to affect change for the team. Being based in our South-East Asian region, Luke has a love for experiencing and travelling new, diverse, and rich cultures.

Management team

Aaron Oddy

Survey Manager

As the Group's Survey Manager, Aaron is responsible for delivering superior survey and scanning solutions.

Amanda Shirley

Human Resources Manager

Amanda Shirley supports and develops the team members of CADDS Group as our Human Resources Manager.

Andy Spasojevic

Architecture Manager

Andy supports and empowers the Architectural Design team to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

Brendan Jarvis

Systems & Processes Manager

Brendan delivers modern and holistic system and process solutions through the Group to maintain our agility.

Chris Edwards

Fabrication Workshop Manager

Chris combines his expertise and experience to guide the Fabrication team in creating superior solutions.

Elton Cole

Fabrication Project Coordinator

Elton manages the flow of, and successful delivery of fabrication projects for the Group, ensuring expert quality.

Glenn Underwood

Emergen Manager

Glenn delivers innovative and world-leading sustainability solutions for a range of clients through Emergen.

James Overstone

Design & Engineering Manager

James works to ensure our diverse engineering teams are providing the most modern solutions for our clients.

Jared Laing

Project Superintendent

Jared delivers support and engagement to our clients throughout the delivery of our projects and solutions.

Jian Cheah

Accounts Manager

As the Group's Accounts Manager, Jian works with the Accounts team to maintain the Group's financial postion.

Lachlan Kane

Workshop Supervisor

Lachlan works with the team based in the workshop to deliver innovative and streamlined fabrication projects.

Norbert Babooram

Product Design Manager

Working with the Product Design team, Norbert creates and manages exciting and dynamic product solutions.

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