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Working with a connected Group like CADDS Consulting enables us to build unrivalled efficiencies through your project. Sharing common data, engaging in more efficient communication, and producing common deliverables creates a world of opportunities for our clients to achieve greater success. A full life cycle, concept to completion model.


Architectural drafting

Our dedicated team of architects, building designers, and draftspeople have the expertise and experience in delivering commercial design goals for our clients. From warehouse designs to multi-use commercial designs, and shop fit-outs, we have a full range of services in-house to support you.

We can support the needs of developers in designing and drafting their multi-story residential projects all in-house. With a direct understanding of the project requirements, we can bring about cost efficiencies for our clients. Gain the insight and support of design specialists with the combined efficiency of a project team. Streamline your project with a singular Group that can manage the entire process internally.

Our team can provide design creation for development approval with exceptional detail at expedited timelines. Be entirely supported through our knowledgeable and solution-orientated residential projects team.


Environmental impacts for businesses have become a keen focus for the immediate future. CADDS Consulting has direct access to our sister brand Emergen, a world leader in supporting the change to an energy-efficient and sustainable future.

From JV3 modelling solutions to whole building analyses, from renewable strategies to industry benchmarks, our team is developing and implementing strategies and solutions that are creating actual change. We support the needs of our clients and develop solutions that are accurate, efficient, and cost-effective. We create balance for our clients to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our Group can be involved as early as the initial planning stages to support a project through its requirements, assisting in compliance, through early design, and strategies for construction and delivery.

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Before the design, before the assessment, CADDS Consulting can provide the support of preparing sites for construction and development. Our internal surveying team is equipped with highly trained and accredited professionals who are armed with some of the most advanced technology available. Our team is supported by Licensed Surveyors creating a greater level of accuracy through certification.

Supporting civil and local contractors, commercial builders, and developers, our team can provide accurate and holistic solutions and insights.

Our team can create a range of deliverables including geographical surveys, boundaries and setouts, aerial survey solutions, BIM modelling solutions, subdivision surveys, and land development and land titling advice to name a few.

Our team has gained decades of experience in supporting the commercial needs of clients and are happy to discuss what solutions are best suited to your project and desired outcomes.

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