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Emergen is a world leader in providing guidance, support, and solutions to business and residential projects of all sizes and industries.

We work to develop and deliver solutions that affect change, support and partner with our clients, and create a more comprehensive approach to the development of projects. Our goal is to provide high-quality compliance with a sustainable design consultation.

Sustainable consultation

NCC compliance

For any building project, there are set requirements that must be adhered to around the sustainability of the design. Our team of experts can guide a client from any industry through the requirements relevant to them. We focus on providing smart, innovative and economical solutions that are of benefit to the client and the environment. From Section J to NatHERS, and NCC Compliance, we have you covered.

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Best practice industry standards

By being able to bring our wealth of experience across projects of different scales, industries, and operations, we guide our clients through their project scope. We simplify the process by providing an integrated approach to a project. We look for commonalities against standards like Green Star, WELL, NABERS and One Planet Living to provide solutions that meet the requirements.

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Whole building modelling

When looking at whole building modelling you are able to assess a building from multiple angles. By combing the insight brought about through various models and simulations our team guides the project towards solutions that are connected and supportive to the desired results. Our expert team brings their own insight and analysis to the reviewing and report generation for our clients.

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When the design is finalised, and the build complete, the work may not yet be over. All buildings and their operations have an opportunity to develop the current operations to be more sustainable and aim for becoming carbon neutral. Our role is to support this idea translate into action. With world-first experience in our team, we support our clients in achieving their goals and setting new benchmarks for the industry to reach.

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