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Our decades of experience have allowed our Group to offer a distinct service model that satisfies the needs of the industrial landscape. We have the know-how and the technical excellence to adhere to and support all the regulations that need to be applied throughout a project. From small-scale works, where we can manage the process and flow of work, through to large-scale projects, where we can seamlessly integrate our in-house teams, CADDS Consulting is primed for servicing industrial projects.



Our experienced surveying technicians are fully equipped and trained to provide superior survey solutions to the public sector. From delivering on road widening projects, lease area plans, feature surveys, road construction support, and set out support our team is prepared for the job. With the backing of our own Licensed Surveyors, you can rely on the accuracy of our results.

From land development consulting to feature and contour surveys, from re-establishment surveys to 3D laser scanning, from global positioning system surveys to aerial surveys, set outs and as-constructed audit surveys, even environmental monitoring surveys to heritage and building façade surveys, we have you covered.

To take our team’s offering even further, we have developed a solution for point cloud data extraction and digital product development to ensure your data can be utilised for years to come.


Backed by a collection of subject matter experts, CADDS is supported in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency through our sister brand Emergen. As specialists in their field, and continuously working on world-leading projects, they bring their unmatched expertise and concepts to your projects. Working through JV3 modelled solutions, whole building analysis including daylight, comfort and ventilation, industry benchmarking, and renewable strategies, you will be completely supported and championed in delivering leading solutions in sustainability.

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Architectural drafting

Our local experience has primed our building design team to provide exceptional support in the design and drafting of public buildings and projects. We can combine modern and architecturally inspired designs with technical pragmatism to ensure a building is fit for its purpose. From being engaged to complete schematic design sketches and concept designs, through to engineering and sustainability assessments, we have the right experience and technical ability to support your project. Uncover our ability to provide a holistic and comprehensive service, factoring in consultation, external liaising, documentation management, and structural integrity audits.

Our team is equipped to support external and internal refurbishments, re-designs and re-builds, through to extensions and innovative solutions. Utilising a connected group allows for a streamlined process and more accurate data, from surveying, to design, to engineering, it is all managed in-house.


Our in-house engineering division works side-by-side with our other teams to provide a holistic and thorough approach to our projects. Focusing on delivering superior results at expedited timelines, our combined service model allows for greater control and stronger solutions.

Whether we are completing structural integrity assessments for cost-saving purposes, or establishing drafting and design solutions via 3D models, we can integrate our offering seamlessly. Our team offers a full engineering discipline spectrum in-house to minimises subcontractor risks for our clients.

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