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CADDS Consulting has a dedicated Perth based industrial design team focused on helping clients create modernised product solutions. Our team develops recommendations for form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, and brand development for new and existing products. We are committed to partnering with and supporting you through your project, demonstrating our pragmatism to get the ideal result.

Perth Product design

Our Process

Concept creation

From the very outset, our local West Australian product design team is ready and equipped to support your project come to life. We can develop concept designs to aid in stakeholder and investor presentations. We also provide support to our clients in patenting the concept designs.

Product engineering

For clients looking to develop an entirely new product, we have direct access to engineering your product ready for manufacturing. When a client is exploring developing a pre-existing concept with modifications and enhancements, our product designers are able to help reverse-engineer to create a modernised solution. Additionally, we can create models and drawings to be used in the manufacturing process when a product exists without them.

Product visualisation 

Developing aesthetically pleasing and holistically designed visual representations is a key element of our process. Here is where we take the concept design and create a ‘product’. Our product designers factor in any housing and styling required to make the product user-friendly and sellable. Our team is trained to create still renders, or animations to help communicate the product design.

Perth Product Design CADDS Group CADDS Consulting Product Design

Come to Life

Prototyping and production

Our product design team undertakes the prototyping phase to ensure a sufficient model is prepared for mass manufacturing. At this stage, we can make modifications and refinements that will aid in the manufacturing process.

With a large network of manufacturing connections, we can arrange and manage the mass manufacturing of any given product.

Post-production support

From the point of prototyping, we provide all appropriate and relevant QA documentation and specification to assist manufacturers in creating the product exactly as intended. This is inclusive of guidelines for maintaining critical features that will be checked against for compliance and standards.

Being based in Perth, our team of product designers have an intimate knowledge of local requirements. We can assist in the procuring of IP and trademarking by providing logo and asset designs, copyrighting, and provide details required for the submission of patents.

For the final stages of the product development, we can provide support and solutions for packaging and branding to be suitable and cost-effective for the intended product.

Perth Product Design CADDS Group CADDS Consulting Product Design

Sustainable Products

To take our services even further, through the support of our sister Emergen, a specialist team of sustainability and energy efficiency consultants, we can provide a life cycle analysis of the intended product. From here we can provide recommendations and options around the sourcing of materials and environmental impact to ensure your product stays cutting-edge and environmentally responsible.

We work intertwined with our Emergen team to ensure your solutions are as economically and environmentally friendly as possible.

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