Mining Asset Specialists

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Projects being delivered in the mining landscape come with higher standards of quality, finish, longevity, and safety. Being utilised and relied upon in harsh environments, and fast-paced operations mean that they must be fabricated with these goals in mind,

After three decades in this field, we have a concrete understanding of the expectations around mining asset fabrication.

The team at CADDS Fabrication are highly trained in delivering on designs developed specifically for the mining industry. Our expertise has grown to be an all-encompassing service, creating a cleaner and expedited solution for our clients. Whether you have a repair or refurbishment project or a full design, engineer, and fabricate project, contact us to see how we can help you.

Mining asset specialists

Scanning capabilities

Our workshop is set up to cater for 3D spatial scanning technology. This allows us to offer value-added services such as wear analysis and forecasting, condition assessments, and quality control of all fabrication products. With access to an internal surveying team, this can all be managed in-house and on-site.

Upgrade solutions 

Even though designs in the mining field are created for longevity, they often require upgrades, whether to rectify damage, increase ability, or apply new technologies. Our team is equipped to support the upgrades of existing plant and equipment upgrades, as well as taking on a full overhaul to ensure compliance and operational ability on site.

Equipment solutions 

By engaging with CADDS Fabrication on the development and production of equipment solutions, we can combine our integrated experience for seamless project delivery across design, detailing, and fabrication. Our team can provide support and solutions for transport frames and equipment, to the likes of chutes, impact plates, and modifications, as well as engineered lifting devices. We can work with the hard facing of all wear equipment.

Maintenance solutions 

With access to an interconnected solutions team in CADDS Group, CADDS Fabrication can support our clients in being part of a project lifecycle chain. By interweaving our diversified services, we can ensure we are able to support the ongoing maintenance needs.

Quality control 

With access to our own internal engineering and design teams, we can assure that our results are delivered meeting specifications. We can ensure the structural integrity of our work all in-house. Our team follows an array of quality assurance measures, including the 5S system implementation.

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