Safety Solutions

fabrication services

Safety in workplaces and sites has become one of the most significant elements of operations. Our dedicated fabrication team has gained unprecedented understanding and experience in supporting these specific needs.

Safety solutions

Research and development 

Our team is connected to specialists who work across the development of safety solutions in the product design sector. Together we combine our advanced skills with our internal engineers and designers, to develop safety solutions that exceed current benchmarks in the industry. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our offering, and product solutions are cutting edge, through constant R&D efforts.

Safety platforms & structural framework 

Our team has gained expert knowledge in being able to provide support solutions for safety platforms and structural frameworks. Adhering to all relevant codes and standards our solutions are managed and fabricated in-house to ensure the integrity and a fit-for-purpose design is realised.

Guarding & protection 

With three decades of experience in the mining sector, we have seen the expansion of safety requirements. Throughout this, our team has developed a thorough understanding of what is required to ensure the safety of plant and people. We have created a service offering through a dedicated guarding team to provide custom solutions that can be fabricated and managed all in-house.

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