Structural and Mechanical

fabrication services

Our team at CADDS Fabrication have developed an extensive knowledge base across the fabrication sector. Our in-house capabilities are strengthened even further by combining the streamlined and integrated approach we have adopted by connecting directly to our internal engineering and design teams.

We have a thorough and continuously expanding service offering around structural and mechanical fabrication solutions.

Structural & mechanical

Machining & routing

We have developed internal expertise around machining and routing that have created additional benefits for our clients. In doing so we have been able to create more advanced and robust solutions.

In-house support

With access to a wider network of disciplines, our fabrication team has access to the specific expertise of our comprehensive engineering teams, as well as in-house hydraulic specialists and plant mechanics. This operation model has allowed us to provide a more comprehensive and supportive solution to our clients, ensuring that project deliverables satisfy all scope requirements in-house.

Project fabrication

Our team is trained in the fabrication and delivery of many specific fabrication projects, building out an array of expertise in the field.

  • Pipework, flange, and spool fabrication,
  • Stairways, ladders, and access ways,
  • Access platforms and walkway systems,
  • Heavy-duty stands, and
  • Plate racks.

Carbon steel fabrication

Ensuring that we can support our clients through whatever project scope they have, our team has gained proficiency and understanding in working with Carbon Steel. These projects can allow for a more economical solution to a project scope while maintaining the initial desired outcome for the project.

Quality control 

With access to our own internal engineering and design teams, we can assure that our results are delivered meeting specifications. We can ensure the structural integrity of our work all in-house. Our team follows an array of quality assurance measures, including the 5S system implementation.

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