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The team at CADDS Mining is dedicated to delivering ‘fabricated for specification’ solutions for our clients in the mining industry. Delivering on the specific and stringent requirements for an industry that has zero room for error. We have the full capability to fabricate and produce what is required, and are able, with the support of our in-house teams, to take a concept right through from design to fabrication. Our extensive experience in the brownfields mining landscape has created a pool of information we are able to pull on.

Leaning on our experience, our CADDS Mining fabrication specialists are well-versed in the intricate nature of fabricating for site purposes.


Dedicated process

Having completed countless brownfields fabrication projects, our team have developed many standard designs suitable for most West Australian mine sites. Our ability to bulk produces a design allows for reduced fabrication timelines and is key in the successful completion of projects and maintaining economical value.

The complex nature of projects required for a mining landscape faces a rigorous set of requirements they must conform to, from safety standards through to material durability. We ensure that our fabricated solutions built for a mining environment are protective coated to ensure longevity and reliability on site.

Document trail 

With a direct connection to our engineering and document control teams in CADDS Mining, we are able to ensure the effective management of all certifications and documentation relevant to a fabrication project. Following our QA/QC verification practices and inspections, we can create full traceability across all relevant documents produced. From initial design through to final signoffs, we can keep and manage full records.

Streamlined team 

By having a connected and unified team working through the mining sector, across a range of disciplines, we are able to bring a streamlined and integrated approach to our work. We have an intelligent model that allows us to produce more holistic and efficient results, as well as being able to identify opportunities for upgrades and enhancements to reduce the effects of shutdowns. Our collaboration between design and detailing culminates in a trouble-free and confident fabrication delivery.

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