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At CADDS Mining we understand the specifics associated with fixed plant on site. A unique set of restraints and requirements exists in this industry, from simple dust build-up through to time-sensitive shutdowns. We have the technical expertise and historical experience to be able to support any project. From heavy lifts to conveyor safety, from transfer chute performance to rotable change-outs.

Our long-standing experience in the West Australian mining industry has provided us with an unrivalled understanding of the operating environment and the value of production. It is because of this we develop solutions that limit the impact on operations, saving our clients time and resources. These solutions are always based on legislative compliance and risk mitigation for operations. While maintaining the long-term value of engineering data of mining operations.

Fixed plant

Operational experience 

The mining environment is unlike any other. We can appreciate the requirements of the field because we have firsthand experience, on site and in the office. We have completed thousands of projects across a range of sites, and countless types of fixed plant. Our internal project pool creates the ultimate database of insights and resources. We have built our business around providing shutdown and online equipment operational experience.

Concept to completion model 

By establishing our Group around service offerings, we have developed an all-encompassing team base that can support any project from concept through to completion. With in-house engineers and designers, surveyors, building designers, draftspeople, and sustainability consultants to name a few, there will be no shortage of technical expert support in any project we undertake.

Maintenance focused data 

CADDS Mining has a clear dedication to providing solutions that create long-term commercial value. The combination of our services allows us to create not just resolutions and outcomes for short-term challenges on fixed plant projects and assets, like chutes and liners, but provide long-term data for future use.

All disciplines 

Our engineering team is made up of specialist segments, to deliver the right people for the right job. CADDS Mining has built a strong and skilled team, from electrical to mechanical, structural to piping, we have all engineering service areas covered. We can offer a full solution in drafting, design and detailing on fixed plant operations. These disciplines are further supported and bolstered by our survey, building designs, sustainability, and fabrication division as well. Meaning the whole life cycle is considered.

Information management 

Our support services in CADDS Mining extend beyond the completion of a project. We can provide support for engineering data management and document control (DCQA). With dedicated team members, and comprehensive processes established, we have created a supportive solution to manage the movement and updating of project documents in and out of a company. Ensuring all drawings are signed off on and approved properly and are compliant. Our document control team liaises with our client’s internal teams to manage and support the flow of information.

Conversions and compliance 

Often third-party drafting and design vendors are engaged to undertake design and drawings work. However, for many mining companies the final deliverables, while certified, do not comply with the necessary company standards. Our team is equipped to convert documents and drawings, on a large or small scale, to be compliant with a client’s specific set of requirements.

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