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CADDS Mining understands the immediate needs of mobile plant on a mine site. We focus on creating smart and effective solutions for these needs. From haul truck access and maintenance solutions, custom tooling and workshop modifications, right through to the control of documentation for mobile plant, we have you covered.

With our extensive and specialised brownfields experience, we understand the unique work environment we are operating in from hands-on involvement. Our experience in and around the operation and maintenance of mobile equipment has led to many design solutions that have been developed to integrate fleet vehicles, axle stands, access platforms, maintenance assisting tools and many other elements.

As a Group of specialists supporting our mining service operations, we have all of the skills to achieve any desired outcome. From engineers and designers, right through to building designers, surveyors, product designers, and draftspeople. We can seamlessly take a project through a whole life cycle.

Mobile plant

Maintenance solutions support

Our engineering and design capabilities are tailored to provide the exact support required to support upgrades and improvements to access solutions and maintenance support tooling for common mining equipment. From fixed platforms to mobile and conveyor access platforms, from MEM tooling and manual handling elimination to the design of walkways and access, our team has the right skills, experience, and support to get to work.

Traffic management 

Vehicle and people movements need to be safely monitored on site during operations. Establishing heavy vehicle, light vehicle, bus, and pedestrian separation is vital to ensure superior safety for sites and their people. CADDS Mining can establish car park and traffic management plans and designs for clients. Our services provided include civil engineering and traffic management design, signage plans, pedestrian infrastructure, landscape planting plans and traffic flow diagrams. Our designs and solutions are created to meet all relevant compliance and improve safety.

Building design specialists

With building design specialists in-house, we have decades of experience in supporting the needs of mine sites in designing MEM solutions. Our solutions are fit for purpose and designed with our client’s goal at front of mind.

All disciplines 

Our engineering team is made up of specialist segments, to deliver the right people for the right job. CADDS Mining has built a strong and skilled team, from electrical to mechanical, structural to piping, we have all engineering service areas covered. We can offer a full solution in drafting, design and detailing on fixed plant operations. These disciplines are further supported and bolstered by our survey, building designs, sustainability, and fabrication division as well. Meaning the whole life cycle is considered.

Information management 

Our support services in CADDS Mining extend beyond the completion of a project. We can provide support for engineering data management and document control (DCQA). With dedicated team members, and comprehensive processes established, we have created a supportive solution to manage the movement and updating of project documents in and out of a company. Ensuring all drawings are signed off on and approved properly and are compliant. Our document control team liaises with our client’s internal teams to manage and support the flow of information.

Conversions and compliance 

Often third-party drafting and design vendors are engaged to undertake design and drawings work. However, for many mining companies the final deliverables, while certified, do not comply with the necessary company standards. Our team is equipped to convert documents and drawings, on a large or small scale, to be compliant with a client’s specific set of requirements.

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