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Since 1993 we have held a strong on-site presence, supporting our clients from the ground up. It is this presence that has been fundamental in providing superior support by connecting clients directly to our team members providing solutions. Our knowledge of plant operations specific to the brownfields mining space is essential to successfully delivering projects to the highest standard.

Our team is divided by regions so we can provide dedicated support to the East, West and Coastal regions. We have created a program that drives supportive and experienced support, via personnel who have gained an intimate understanding of the sites they service.

Site visitation support

Direct contact

With regional splits across our team, each region can rely on a consistent face and ongoing support. By being directly linked to the team members who undertake the work required, the team can effectively communicate with both clients and our internal teams, providing a more holistic and streamlined process.

When required, we can arrange for the on-site support of Perth-based team members to assist in the delivery of projects as well.

Practical experience 

Our site visitation team members have gained decades of collective experience in supporting the needs and operations faced in the brownfields mining space. Maintenance and longevity are always at the front of mind for them, so the solutions they present are designed to support a site’s overall ability. Backed by engineering backgrounds, our site support team knows exactly what they are talking about when they are scoping solutions for our clients.

Fully equipped 

Providing an exceptional on-location support service has been integral to the way CADDS operates. We have invested in ourselves being on site and providing the resources required for our teams to achieve the most for our clients.

Information management 

Our support services in CADDS Mining extend beyond the completion of a project. We can provide support for engineering data management and document control (DCQA). With dedicated team members, and comprehensive processes established, we have created a supportive solution to manage the movement and updating of project documents in and out of a company. Ensuring all drawings are signed off on and approved properly and are compliant. Our document control team liaises with our client’s internal teams to manage and support the flow of information.

Conversions and compliance 

Often third-party drafting and design vendors are engaged to undertake design and drawings work. However, for many mining companies the final deliverables, while certified, do not comply with the necessary company standards. Our team is equipped to convert documents and drawings, on a large or small scale, to be compliant with a client’s specific set of requirements.

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