mining services

CADDS Mining has unrivalled knowledge and experience in the utility component of a brownfield mining environment. Working across the design support of utilities like pump stations, town, and mine services, support the infrastructure, utilities, and associated services that are vital to a mine site’s operations. We have team members fully equipped to provide engineering and design, survey, building design, and sustainability solutions for our clients.

We can be involved in both the scanning of as-buildings and assets, such as pipes, buildings, and structures, for recording, and the design of these facilities. Our connected, internal service teams provide a holistic experience in working through these functions.


Underground services 

Our team has the capability to manage a client’s master underground service database. We utilise GPS solution maps to locate buried services showing the routes of electrical and communications cables, water, fuel, and gas piping. Ensuring safe excavation operations and mitigating risks of production outages the team can cover the support of both on-site locations, and that of townships.

Electrical and control systems 

CADDS Mining has internal team members who specialise in the support and solution creation of electrical and control systems. Our dedicated team can work across solutions like PLC design, DB and switch as-builts, and redlines for our clients. From functional specification to the selection of instrumentation, the calculation of cable sizes to the drafting of single line diagrams and distribution board layouts, our team has the right tools and experience to get the job done.

Water distribution and waste management 

Our team can connect a range of internal professionals to provide holistic and comprehensive services for our clients. From connecting surveyors to determine earthworks requirements and land contours, to engineers to establish the size of pipeline thrust and anchor blocks during thermal expansion, we can provide a full overview of the project scope. Our team can design for overland pipelines, both mild steel cement lined and HDPE. As well as conducting reviews of water treatment plant processes, with vendor selection as part, including flow meters and chlorine dosing systems.


CADDS Mining has a specialist piping team in-house to support projects like the design of modifications to existing piping systems, the design of plant process water piping and slurry pipelines, and projects around fuel and oil piping. You can rely on our ability to calculate piping system pressure drops and guide you through the selection of pumps. By utilising our 3D scanning solutions, we can determine accurate dimensions of piping spools for our Fabrication Team, as well as providing fabrication with isometric drawings for precise results.

Structural steel 

Our team can access internal 3D scanning solutions to scan given areas and structures to determine existing beam sizes when data is not already available. This aids in checking for clashes against proposed designs. Our team can produce and relay isometrical drawings for our fabrication team to produce accurate results. We can assist clients in asset assessment and management through our internal process and connected service areas.


CADDS Mining can support the needs of utilities on a mine site, whether it be through the selection of above-ground tanks or the design of manifolds to connect tanks together. We are specialists in the brownfields landscape and have the experience to deliver. We can support the full design project scope from everything to the design of concrete foundations for tanks and pump skids.

Towns and housing 

From interior refurbishments to structural certifications, we have the right resources for the job. Our team ensure buildings remain compliant with all National Construction Codes, BCA, and Australia standards, and can assist in facilitating the statutory approvals process for our clients.

All disciplines 

Our engineering team is supported by various specialist segments. Focusing on delivering the right people for the right job, CADDS Mining has built a strong and skilled team. From electrical to mechanical, structural to piping, we have all engineering service areas covered. We can offer a full solution in drafting, design and detailing on fixed plant operations. These disciplines are further supported and bolstered by our survey, building designs, sustainability, and fabrication division as well. Meaning the whole life cycle is considered.

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