Visual Asset Management

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Engaging with visual asset management to create digital solutions like digital twins allows a site to deliver optimum safety, reduce costs, enhance planning ability, identify, manage, and minimise risk, as well as access critical information immediately. This instant access allows for a stronger control during unanticipated shutdowns and will prove vital in reducing the roll-on effects.

We can complete a high precision control network install for targeted scanning, then use laser scanners to capture a whole site. This creates a fully spatial, coordinated point cloud and orbital imagery of the plant.

Visual asset management


With dedicated scanning specialists in-house, we have the full capability to capture and translate data, including the tagging of assets with drawing links, photos, CCC information and additional survey data. By utilising the most advanced and efficient technology, we provide scanning services that create real-time solutions.


We are able to add layers of use to our captured visual data by creating geotags within. By capturing coordinates within defined areas, and marking them with relevant information, you can pinpoint where specific things are, such as hazards on site. This kind of geotagging solution creates a more efficient and simpler way of managing multiple layers of information, that is adaptive and ready for the future.

Database integration 

In addition to the benefits of a streamlined process, visual asset management supports a site in integrating and communicating more efficiently. By integrating databases with digital solutions, smarter decisions can be made at expedited timeframes.

Information management

Our support services in CADDS Mining extend beyond the completion of a project. We can provide support for engineering data management and document control (DCQA). With dedicated team members, and comprehensive processes established, we have created a supportive solution to manage the movement and updating of project documents in and out of a company. Ensuring all drawings are signed off on and approved properly and are compliant. Our document control team liaises with our client’s internal teams to manage and support the flow of information.

Conversions and compliance 

Often third-party drafting and design vendors are engaged to undertake design and drawings work. However, for many mining companies the final deliverables, while certified, do not comply with the necessary company standards. Our team is equipped to convert documents and drawings, on a large or small scale, to be compliant with a company’s specific set of requirements.

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