Our Community

Our corporate culture is built around our collaborative process. We have a fusion of skills and thinking in our business that fosters better solutions, and values each individual’s point of difference.

This attitude extends beyond our own walls, into our community. From a company that started humbly as just one person, growing into a family business, and now operating as a wider Group. It is intrinsic to the way we operate to want to give back.

For CADDS Group, it is not just about the ability and desire to give back and support, but to support those we are connected to. From communities that have helped our Group Grow, to sporting teams our kids play in, it is the connection that matters most to us.

We operate as a unified, collective group

In our workplace

Much like our business, our team members are always looking for ways to support communities and charities. A regular feature on our CADDS calendar is the annual Movember fundraiser where many of our men grow some questionable facial hair to raise awareness for men’s mental health. Supporting these initiatives and giving platforms to such important issues is important to the way we work as a Group. We support those in need and constantly strive to educate ourselves further.

In the community

At CADDS we have a huge appreciation for how staying physically healthy contributes to staying mentally healthy, as well as connecting a community. It is because of this we choose to support various local sporting teams and players. In 2021, we sponsored the likes of the South Fremantle Football Club and their players, and also the Wickham Wolves Junior Football Club. We love being able to give back to the community we have spent three decades working in and with.

Cultural recognition

As a business, who, for a very long time, has operated in the remote Pilbara regions, we have a genuine appreciation for the culture and history of Australia’s Indigenous people. It is because of this we launched our own Reconciliation Action Plan. We are committed to doing our part in building and retaining strong relationships is key to bridging reconciliation. We strive towards learning, improving, and evolving so we can best deliver a collaborative and diverse workforce.

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