Corey Hutcheson – 15 Years of growth and dedication

January 25, 2024
Corey Hutcheson CADDS Group

At CADDS Group, we have a longstanding tradition of celebrating the commitment and dedication of our team members. Today, we shine the spotlight on Corey Hutcheson, a true industry veteran who recently marked an impressive 15 years with our organization. Corey’s journey at CADDS Group is a testament to the growth and development opportunities within our company, transitioning from a trainee to a seasoned professional playing a vital role in nurturing the next generation of CADDS employees.

From Trainee to Seasoned Veteran

In 2008, Corey began his CADDS Group journey as one of our first trainees, unaware that this initial step would pave the way for a remarkable 15-year career filled with growth, learning, and significant contributions to our organization. Corey’s journey is a shining example of how dedication and passion can transform a novice into a seasoned professional.

“As the mechanical team lead, I bear the overarching responsibilities of our teams deliverables. On a daily basis, I am immersed in orchestrating a seamless balance between the production of high-quality designs ensuring they meet our client and National standards, whilst meeting our clients expectations and adhering to targeted timelines. I am in consistent communication with our project managers, the engineering team, as well as any division of CADDS Group that will attribute to the success of the project. This collaborative effort is essential in ensuring that our projects remain on a trajectory of success all whilst fostering a positive, fun, and productive work environment.

I firmly believe my role extends beyond just overseeing the technical aspects and collaboration of the team. It’s about ensuring our projects are not only successful, but also exceeds our clients expectations, delivering solutions that are not only innovative but also seamlessly align with the operational requirements of our client. Through this commitment, I aim to guarantee that our team not only upholds a positive reputation in the industry, but also enjoys a fulfilling and vibrant workplace.”

Leading the New Generation

Looking at Corey’s remarkable journey, it’s clear that he’s not only an integral part of CADDS Group but also a mentor and leader for the new generation of employees. Corey’s experience and expertise make him a valuable resource within our organization, and his willingness to guide and support his colleagues is truly commendable.

A Conversation with Corey:

We got the inside scoop on his journey with CADDS Group and his take on how the company has evolved.

How has your role evolved during your 15 years at CADDS Group, and what are some of the most significant projects you’ve been a part of during this time?’

”I owe basically all my knowledge around mining & design to my past and present mentors of CADDS. I am very thankful to have had some great leads and worked alongside some very knowledgeable colleagues and clients over my time here. I started at “Computer Aided Design and Drafting Services” now known as CADDS Group back in 2008 at the age of 16, Lucky enough to have been accepted by Darren for one of the 1st sponsored traineeships CADDS would undertake. As a designer in my 20s, amongst design work, I spent nearly a decade almost fulltime in the Pilbara scoping & quoting new design works, as well as completing design checks during site shut work, and providing installation client support for our designs and prototypes.

15yrs on, aside from having created 3D designs/drawings for almost all disciplines at some point, I have also had the opportunity to experience lengthy and enjoyable BHP & RTIO secondment roles, dabbled in multiple types of surveying works, and spent time in the fab workshop watching and prototyping our designs as they come to life.”

Can you share what has kept you committed to CADDS Group for 15 years, and how has the company’s culture contributed to your long-term dedication and development within the organization?

”For me this has been a very easy 15yrs, largely due to the continued opportunity for growth in such a dynamic workplace. Along with that, anyone that has worked at CADDS will know that we have always had a unique culture. There is an amazing buzz to working at CADDS as there is always something interesting happening be it project based, or as part of our social club. What started off as a small family owned business, has now grown into a 170+ employee multi discipline company with a strong foot hold with some of the biggest names of mining, Yet we have never lost that amazing culture of a fun, family based company. When we employ new team members, they join us not merely as just a number, but as valued colleagues who actively collaborate and contribute to a workplace that embraces a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. Here, colleagues transform into friends with good comradery, creating a lively, fun filled environment that goes beyond traditional work dynamics.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Corey Hutcheson’s 15-year milestone here at CADDS Group serves as a reminder of the incredible journey that dedicated individuals can embark upon within our organization. As he continues to lead and inspire the new generation of employees, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions and projects that the future holds for Corey and the entire CADDS Group team. Congratulations, Corey, on your outstanding achievement!

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