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Once a design has been constructed, following minimum standard guidelines, and incorporating as many sustainability recommendations as possible, you may now be considering what next?

Maintaining a high level of sustainability through a building’s operation can be tricky to navigate. From energy consumption to carbon footprint, from managing standards and ongoing development, there is a lot that can factor in.

Our role is to provide guidance and support in maintaining not only your efficiency and cost implication but providing a pathway to a creating more sustainable operation.


Dedicated support

Emergen has a dedicated focus on supporting operations to become more sustainable and attain the ultimate goal of being carbon neutral. By developing new initiatives and driving world-firsts through our team we are at the forefront of being able to support operations take that next step.

With access to unrivalled experience, technology, and expertise, we are primed to deliver modern solutions for the modern era.

When we partner with our clients, we take them through a range of potential solutions by basing their data against the like of carbon audits and management plans, energy audits and management plans, NABERS and WELL standards. Our approach is to develop personalised audit reports for each client to ensure we are focused on their challenges and their goals.

As sustainability consultants, we don’t just assess one element of the chain, but rather we take into account the entire picture. We weave together a number of disciplines in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency to ensure our clients are delivered the most comprehensive and holistic solutions.

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