Pip Smith: 15 Years of Expanding Horizons with CADDS Group

December 15, 2023
Pip Smith celebrating 15 years at CADDS Group – Congratulations on this milestone!
Above Image from the 2020 BDAWA Awards, Pip was also the President from 2019-2021. 

At CADDS Group, we take immense pride in acknowledging the efforts of our team members who contribute to the continual development and transformation of our organization. Today, we highlight Pip Smith’s 15-year milestone with CADDS. Pip’s journey reflects her adaptability, versatility, and drive for consistent growth as she navigated through various roles, reinforcing the importance of ‘continued learning and understanding.’

Progressing Innovation: From Architectural Student to Business Development Leader
Pip embarked on her CADDS journey in 2008 while studying Architecture, injecting fresh perspectives into the company. Over time her willingness to embrace new challenges guided her to leadership roles in Architecture for six years, followed by Bid Management for two years. Today, she applies her CADDS-centric experience as the Business Development Manager.

In her capacity as BD Manager, Pip plays a key role in understanding and meeting the evolving needs of our clients. Her focus is not on sales, but on building and strengthening our relationships as a trusted service partner, fostering steady growth and shaping the future of the company over time.

A Conversation with Pip: Shaping the Future of CADDS

Grabbed a coffee with Pip to dig into the story of her CADDS adventure so far, and her thoughts on the Group’s direction.

Throughout your diverse roles at CADDS, from Architect to Business Development Manager, how have your experiences influenced your ability to drive innovation within the organization?

Pip’s unique career trajectory within CADDS Group has provided her with a broad spectrum of experiences, skills, and understanding of the business. She highlights her commitment to continued learning, saying, “It’s less about having all the answers, and more about being eager to learn and grasp every aspect of the business as we grow.”

CADDS Group is renowned for its commitment to excellence and integrated solutions. How do you envision this commitment driving the company’s future, with Business Development at its forefront?

“What makes CADDS different is that we are natural problem solvers. We are a passionate team that thrive on finding solutions and learning,” she says. This approach has been instrumental in expanding the company’s service offering and integrating innovation into its core operations. In BD, Pip’s efforts are on the relationships that create pathways for innovation, empowering our technical teams to apply their impressive solution-focused outlook on new challenges.

As CADDS Group continues to expand its comprehensive service offerings, what strategies do you foresee implementing in your role to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the ever-changing industry landscape?

Looking ahead, Pip’s focus will be on aligning the company’s growth with clients’ requirements, centering quality and efficiency. “Our evolution is client-driven,” she notes, “With growth and diversification based almost solely around what our clients need and what our employees can offer, the business continues to be a both a valued service partner and a dynamic contributor to the fast-changing industries we operate in.”

Paving the Way for a Future of Innovation

Pip Smith’s remarkable 15-year journey at CADDS Group highlights her dedication, adaptability, and passion for understanding. As she continues to lead Business Development efforts, we look forward to the innovative solutions and partnerships she will build to propel CADDS Group into a future marked by growth, success, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Congratulations, Pip, on your valuable contribution!

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